Copy of Ideas by GALAXYCOVE

GALAXYCOVE: stellar laser projectors that wrap your walls and ceiling with brilliant stars and breathtaking drifting nebula clouds, replacing fluorescents and incandescents. They can be employed in a variety of ways to bring any space to life, and they're far more than just a cool lighting effect. The guide below is chock-full of ideas, and some of the many benefits of having GALAXYCOVE in your house.

Movie Nights The best movie experiences whisk you away from your regular routine and into a thrilling, immersive world where your worries fade away. A similar effect may be achieved by immersing a room in the wonder and awe of GALAXYCOVE. It's no surprise that our projectors are a must-have for movie nights. Galaxy lights can let you immerse yourself in interstellar video games or sci-fi adventures. Transport yourself into another universe with a stunning array of lights to complete your movie night experience.

galaxycove projector for movie nights

Night Light to Fall Asleep Better Night lights are not entirely optional. Even children who are not afraid of the dark require a tiny amount of light at night in order to sleep more easily and without interruption. Some night lights are so appealing that they make kids want to sleep in their rooms even more! Certain light colors affect your body’s melatonin levels - the hormone that regulates your sleep cycle. According to many scientific studies, red lights were proven to be the best color for sleep and improving sleep quality. In 2012, a study in the Journal of Athletic Training confirmed the effectiveness of red light in improving the quality of sleep of elite athletes and offered a noninvasive therapy to prevent sleep disorders after training. Another study in 2019, presented in the journal Nature and Science of Sleep found that exposure to red light during sleep increased alertness and improved task performance the next day. Our GALAXYCOVE Projector allows you to set your favourite colour in static mode to stay throughout the night. Further studies show on the other hand that white light (commonly emitted from light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs) is most associated with poor sleep. These may suppress melatonin production up to five times as strongly as do the yellow or orange colors also common in artificial lighting.

galaxycove benefits for sleeping to help insomnia

Light Therapy Unsurprisingly, lighting can help calm, destress and relax you. Blue, pink, and green and, of course, red lighting colors are correlated with calmness. GALAXYCOVE are available in all these colors, which also makes them great for creating a tranquil environment. The blue and green lights of our projectors can create a soothing atmosphere ideal for chilling out after an anxiety-inducing day. Meditation, which is an extension of mindfulness focused only on controlling your thoughts, is practiced by people who are mentally stressed or those with anxiety and ADHD. A small quantity of lighting is preferable, and GALAXYCOVE can give the ideal balance. Our lights' ability to bring mental peace, mood enhancements and physical relaxation may be just what you need to achieve nirvana. Soaking up this calm lighting can feel relieving even when you’re not stressed – in fact, GALAXYCOVE can be relaxing at any time of day.

galaxycove education for light theraphy to help ADHD and anxiety